MN Achievement Gap 2015 Forum Shows Only 1 Candidate for Change

On September 17, 2015, the Minnesota Achievement Gap Candidate Forum only had one candidate that was for change in the way the St Paul Public Schools (SPPS) operates.  That candidate was Greg Copeland.  One of only two candidates from the East Side of St Paul.  Of those two candidates, only Greg Copeland is for Firing Superintendent Valeria Silva.  Her “Strong Schools, Strong Communities,” approach has been a failure.  The other East Side Candidate, Keith Hardy, an unendorsed 27 year DFLer, has championed Superintendent Silva’s policies during his 8 year reign on the SPPS.  He has championed the Racial Equity program that is now brainwashing teachers, students, and parents to believe that the cause of the “Achievement Gap,” is Racism.  Instead of sending money to the Pacific Educational Group (PEG), Greg believes that money could be better spent in the classroom on the students.

The following video runs almost 1.5 hours.


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