Soucheray: SPPS Cover Up of Riots and Teacher Beaten by Kids

The following post was copied from the Pioneer Press and posted. No content was altered, but fonts, content was indented and color were added for effect. A link to the Pacific Educational Group (PEG) was added. It has audio of their webinars where they talk in gobbledygook that no one understands, or is willing to admit.  No one stands up to these bullies (except Benner, and Copeland).  This is what St Paul Property Owners are paying for. ~~ Publius Jr

Soucheray: St. Paul schools’ cover-up of bad behavior only harms the kids

POSTED:   10/12/2015 11:49:56 AM CDT | UPDATED:   A DAY AGO

Joe Soucheray

Joe Soucheray

According to a report in the Pioneer Press the other day, fights have recently broken out at a couple of St. Paul high schools, Como Park and Humboldt.

Fights have probably been breaking out in schools since the days of bringing a polished apple to the marm in the one-room shack.

But it is too charitable to call what happened at Como and Humboldt a fight. According to the police reports, they more accurately bordered on riots, with officers describing the scenes as chaotic, tense and dangerous. The kids are rushing at each other in unruly gang-like behavior, not even having the decency to take the trouble outside. No matter how you read it, you are left with the sinking feeling that these are not only poorly parented youth, but that school administrators are trying to cover up the behavior.

The fight at Humboldt apparently started in the lunchroom and might have been hormonal in nature, something about a girl. The initial fight was broken up, only to flare into more heated action minutes later. A school officer saw staffers trying to hold a door closed as students attempted to force their way through it to get to the fight.

According to Steve Linders, St. Paul police spokesman, “an officer reported seeing a female teacher on the ground and students stomping on her during the fight.”

Administrators trying to cover up the behavior? Toya Stewart Downey, St. Paul Public Schools spokeswoman, said “a staff member fell while trying to break up the fight and was not stomped on.”

Who are you going to believe, an officer who was in the middle of this crap or the mouthpiece for a bureaucracy so bloated in acronyms that they don’t know if they are on foot or horseback?

I’m going with the cop. You’ve got kids in a St. Paul high school who were beating up a teacher.

One problem: The school administrators are enamored of one of their newest acronyms, PBIS, or Positive Behavior Intervention Support.

Or, we have the impressive-sounding School Climate Improvement Team.

That’s why the schools cost so much. They are top-heavy in consultants, assistants to assistants, behavior specialists, administrators and factotums with clipboards who follow the Super around.

The administrators are counterproductive. The teachers say that. Because there is a school board mandate to reduce out-of-school suspensions, students are being punished less severely for misbehavior.

In other words, kids not to be trusted to learn are kept in school — the numbers must look good! — at the expense of the kids who are trying to get an education.

Make yourself aware of the writings of or the stories about Aaron Anthony Benner, who most recently wrote an editorial for this newspaper Oct. 4. Benner taught for years at St. Paul elementary schools and dealt with such poor behavior that he routinely addressed the school board, only to be ignored. I have spoken with Benner. He believes kids should be thrown out of school. But the schools have paid millions of dollars to a San Francisco-based consultant group, PEG, or Pacific Education Group, which has planted the idea that if a minority kid acts up, it is not the kid’s fault but the fault of systemic racism.

Benner, who is black, does not buy it. He dropped out of the race for school board, which is a loss to us all, to focus on his new job as the African-American liaison/behavior coach at Community of Peace Academy, a public charter school in St. Paul.

Benner concluded his Oct. 4 editorial by pointing out that PEG and SPPS are harming the very people whose interests they claim to represent.

Follow the money,” Benner wrote. “The taxpayers of St. Paul should demand to know who exactly is benefiting from PEG. Students definitely aren’t.”

Joe Soucheray can be reached at or 651-228-5474. Soucheray is heard from 1 to 4 p.m. weekdays on 1500ESPN.


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