SPPS Board’s Answer to The Gap: Take a White Privilege Survey

The following was copied from the www.better-ed.org/blog/take-white-privilege-survey website.  This is the kind of survey Pacific Educational Group gives to School Districts that want to address the achievement gap.  They believe that The Gap exists because of “institutional racism.”  Keith Hardy, an unendorsed DFL incumbent seeking reelection, champions this initiative to achieve “Racial Equity.”  Let’s be honest, the SPPS Board of Education gave up trying to educate children decades ago.  Their real aim is to indoctrinate children to their belief system or faith in the state.  Please remember this when you vote…remember Benner, and Copeland two candidates for real change.  ~~ Publius Jr.

Take a White Privilege Survey

Below is a white privilege survey that has been administered to teachers and students across the nation by Pacific Educational Group—a consultant for many public school districts. Do you feel that materials such as these help improve America’s education system?




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