Yes We Can Fire Silva: St Paul Public Schools Can Be On Track to Prevent another Rocori Shooting

This post was copied from MPRnews from October 27, 2015, by the Associated Press.  The content was not altered.  Links, and ads were dropped, fonts changed, and color added for emphasis.

The refusal to suspend and expel students for willful misbehavior enables bullies and disrupts learning.  Superintendent Valeria Silva will not be held accountable by the current school board nor American Federation of Teachers endorsed candidates for the St Paul Public School Board of Education this year.

They have said over and over again in candidate forums that they are against suspending students that misbehave, and that they are against zero tolerance policy that the board and the State of Minnesota has enacted.  They are further against the School Resource Officers who they assert are not properly trained with Racial Equity in mind because students of color are being suspended at a rate that alarms them.  They assert that it is due to Institutional Racism and not the behaviors of the individual students showing disrespect to elders, teachers, and other students in the school.  St Paul Schools have been fortunate so far, but it is only a matter of time that the institutional indifference and neglect that Superintendent Valeria Silva, other board members and perspective candidates endorsed by the Washington DC AFT Union Bosses that will lead to an incident like the Rocori High School Shooting that happened in Cold Spring, MN.

Let’s pray to God that this never happens in St Paul or anywhere else.  You can elect Greg Copeland who will be one of the votes to fire Superintendent Valeria Silva and begin the healing.

Memories of MN school shooting lead NFL’s Decker to tackle bullying

Issues The Associated Press · · Oct 27, 2015
Eric Decker
New York Jets’ Eric Decker stood on the field as he warmed up before the NFL football game with the Miami Dolphins Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015. Matt Dunham | AP

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