Rock The Schools LIVE Candidate Forum Purposely Delayed into a Podcast

October 25th, a note was sent out by Monique Linder for Citizen Stewart (aka Chris Stewart) that the Rock The Schools Live Candidates Forum for October 29th was to be cancelled. The reason was that most of the candidates for St Paul Public Schools (SPPS) Board couldn’t make it.  A second chance for the forum was to be recorded as a podcast on November 2nd at the I Heart Radio Studios, thanks to Citizen Stewart and Monique Linder, who is the Founder of OMG Media Solutions.

The real reason was that the DFL Endorsed, Teachers Union Slate handlers told their Astroturf Caucus for Change Candidates that they needed to do Get Out The Vote phone calls and to attend a fundraiser for landscaping at Central High School.  What is the more important priority: landscaping, or telling voters what you will do once elected to the School Board to reverse the meltdown of our St Paul Public Schools.  It’s as if the Labor Bosses at the Teachers Union has already decided that you’ll vote for them so their slate doesn’t have to show up.  They have enough money to persuade you in all forms of media…$119,000 through the AFT and Education Minnesota.

Here is the podcast that was recorded this morning thanks to Monique Linder and Citizen Stewart.  It runs about 1 hr and 15 minutes.  All the Candidates were invited, but the Teachers Union slate didn’t bother to show up AGAIN.  They didn’t bother to show up at the African-American Forum held at Hallie Q Brown Center that all the other candidates went to on October 29th.

Rock The Schools meet St Paul School Candidates (Episode 32) Podcast


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