#PushBack Against the St Paul Mayor & City Council, and School Board Now

How much is too much?

It’s a good question to ask of the elected and appointed officials in the City Called Saint Paul Minnesota.

If left up to them with no outcry from residents of the “most livable city” they will steal from you, leave you with no way to defend yourself from the gangs, violent criminals, the demolition union, the Green-Organized Trash Overlords, and Housing Code Zealots.

The Mayor, City Council, and St Paul School Board show by their actions they disrespect EVERYONE in Saint Paul by strangling businesses big or independent, oppressing the poor, the wealthy, and pay attention to special interests lining the pockets of elected and appointed officials.

The Mayor and this City Council despite having a document to guide their leadership, The City Charter; they ignore what it says even when judges or the Minnesota Supreme Court rulings tell them to let the citizens decide on a referendum. Our Mayor doesn’t understand the ruling, perhaps he should read The City Charter.

The St Paul Public Schools are owned by the Teachers Union which resists any change to teach the basics to many students living in families living at or barely above the poverty level. This isn’t the most livable city but rather one of the most UNLIVABLE Cities in Minnesota where accountability has taken a permanent vacation.

When elected I, Greg Copeland, intend to represent all citizens in Ward 6, whether you voted for me or not. Your rights to property, voting, and civil rights will be respected as they aren’t now.

Join with me to #PushBack against Business as Usual Crony Politics and bring Equal Opportunity to all.