Grid 54 Where Are You? Runaway Crime in St Paul

Greg Copeland lives in the Payne Phalen Neighborhood. If you are talking on the phone with him there’s a good chance you’ll hear in the background, a siren of some sort. In some areas of Saint Paul what type of siren depends on where you are, for example along the Green Line LRT a siren is probably an ambulance for the senior living apartments along the avenue.

In the blocks surrounding Greg’s house it is probably several Saint Paul Police Squad Cars because it is the area of Saint Paul with the highest number of violent crimes. How does one know this area has the most violent crimes? It is because Saint Paul Police Department (SPPD) keeps track of all sorts of calls it gets and crimes by using what they call a Crime Statistics Grid. On the Stpaul.gov site you can find out the types of crimes and the number of crimes reported each month. This tool used to be easy to use until just before Melvin Carter III got into office when they upgraded it into a hard to use resource. Just like St Paul Government to create problems where there were none (see organized garbage system which is a violation of the City Charter).

When you hear a siren in St Paul think of the 5 St Paul Police Officers who weren’t hired by Mayor Carter.

Grid 54

Greg Copeland lives in Crime Statistics Grid 54, or Grid 54 for short. Remember Ray Widstrand getting beat up and left for dead? Just south of Grid 54 in Grid 94. On the day Mayor Carter was elected there was a shooting in Grid 54. The Good Samaritan Shooting of Javier Sanmiguel Yanez, Grid 54. (Transcript of the 911 call of the Good Samaritan shooting).

Crime Statistics Grids of St Paul

Usually around the time an incumbent mayor is running for office a “Blue Surge,” is set up in Grid 54.  They know where the crime is, it is just the incumbents aren’t enthusiastic about combating crime like they should and to the level we citizens expect.

The cops have success and failures in their daily fight against crime. The current mayor believes arrests are due to racism and has figuratively shot out the tires in the police budget in St Paul. The police shouldn’t have to fight with City Hall to get help for a basic service the city needs. The City of St Paul needs to prioritize safety for its citizens above non-essential projects they like to steer to their cronies.

People who believe St Paul can go with fewer police officers or put real estate values or other issues above good policing and prosecution aren’t dealing with reality. Ray Widstrand was beat up within sight of the Eastern District Police Station a block and a half away.

JDAI (Catch and Release)

The gangsters, know how to use the system to their advantage. They know of a program run by the Feds called Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative or JDAI. When a juvenile is arrested they get a score for what crime they committed and the circumstances. If their score isn’t high enough they are turned out to the streets or the squad car they are in. At the Ray Widstrand Crime Meeting in Fall of 2013, a resident of Grid 54 accused the cops of a Catch and Release of a youth. The police denied this took place but it did happen, and it happens everyday. The gangs know this here and across the country and gangs use juveniles to commit many of the violent crimes in St Paul. JDAI has some great stats because the fewer data points means better stats. During Barack Obama’s Presidency he stressed fewer arrests of “people of color.”

Stand With the St Paul Police Department

The Police in St Paul do a dangerous job of protecting the citizens of St Paul.  For too long the City of St Paul has undercut the self-less sacrifice of the brave men and women of the St Paul Police Department.  They need the resources to do their jobs such as safety & communication equipment, and more specialized officers.  If the Police Chief asks for 5 more police officers, then we need 5 more.  The Police Chief knows more than the Mayor or City Council what the police department needs.

The Prosecutors and Judges need to keep the criminals, especially the violent ones off the streets of St Paul in support of the Police.