League of Women Voters St Paul Guide Q & A

Morgan Hess, a Macalester College student and the Youth Vote Project Coordinator at the League of Women Voters St. Paul was putting together the LWVSP’s voter guide for the 2019 St. Paul local elections.  Ms Hess wanted to ask Greg Copeland a few questions for information for the voter guide.  The questions are below with Greg Copeland, the Original Ward 6 Vote NO Candidate’s answers.

What are your biggest priorities?

Greg Copeland’s Priorities:
  • Public Safety maintain current staffing level of the St. Paul Police Department.
  • Public Works Capital Budget $36 Million to address Streets Decay Crisis.
  • Protect Saint Paul City Charter and Citizens Rights to Referendum and Initiative.
  • Eliminate Barriers to Housing Construction, Jobs and Business Investment to Reduce Poverty in Saint Paul.

How will you work to address the housing shortage in St. Paul?

Greg Copeland on Housing:
  • Stop demolition of existing housing and create incentives for redevelopment of existing housing stock including apartments.
  • Work to eliminate statutory caps on Housing Tax Credit Investment Programs to attract maximum private investment to public housing bonds issued by the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency to address the housing supply crisis market demand for new affordable housing.
  • Create incentives for Saint Paul and other public employees to buy homes in  the Capitol City to build and strengthen our community and economy.

How do you plan to work with and engage residents to craft policy?

Greg Copeland’s Public Policy: 
  • Broadcast ALL City Council meetings on the City’s Cable TV station.
  • Add a Public Hearing to the Second Reading on all City Ordinances.
  • Schedule Second Reading Public Hearings on City ordinances to evenings so working people can directly participate.
  • Hold City Council Meetings in neighborhoods on development and other local interest matters.

How will you address the issue of distrust between residents and public safety officers?

Greg Copeland’s Police Community Relations
  • Support funding for increased Safe Summer Nights Events and other community building activities.
  • Broadcast Public Sessions of City Police Over-Sight Hearings and Meetings.
  • Schedule regular community forums in the Wards with the Mayor, City Council and Police Chief as well as local Police Commander.

The questions from Ms Hess were sent on September 27, 2019 for the purposes of putting the answers in the League of Women Voters of Saint Paul MN’s Voter’s guide.


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