Remembering Black Hawk Down 26 years later at the Polls

Saint Paul Minnesota recently adopted Mogadishu Somalia as a sister city thanks due to Appointed Ward 6 City Councilman Kassim Busuri who lived there.

26 years ago on October 3rd and 4th, a routine mission turned bloody for the soldiers of the 75th Rangers in Mogadishu. Our soldiers were surrounded, shot at, and eventually some of them, their dead bodies were dragged through the streets after their bodies were desecrated by the citizens of Mogadishu.

Here are first hand recollections from an Army Ranger who went back to Mogadishu, Jeff Struecker. His and other Rangers actions on that fateful two days led to a book and later a movie based on the book of the same name called, “Black Hawk Down.”

The movie short shows St Paul and Mogadishu have similar poor roads, violence in the streets, and distressed buildings in it. The big difference is Saint Paul Residents have a choice on who they want to be leaders by voting for them in elections and the Somalis in Mogadishu do not. Why would Saint Paul leaders make this rash decision to embrace a culture a people who have nothing in common with us? Should ask the appointed councilman who disappears from his duty without telling anyone or his constituents and cites a religious holiday so as to be a let down for residents in Ward 6.

The fact that only two of the eleven Sister Cities to St Paul share Judeo-Christian values with the majority of Citizens of St Paul (Modena Italy, and Manzanillo Mexico) shows how out of touch the City Council is with its citizens.

Seriously, why does Appointed Councilman Kassim Busuri want us to embrace a city full of terrorists?  Is St Paul supposed to lower its standards even further to embrace Mogadishu standards?  It’s been 26 years and buildings our soldiers shot up defending themselves are still standing nor repaired.

Embracing a people who dragged our dead soldiers through the streets is morally unthinkable. Remember Busuri’s Mogadishu values on November 5th.

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