Are you registered to vote in St Paul? Do you know where to vote in your precinct?  Do you know what your precinct is?

Registering to Vote

Here are some links that will help you find out about voting in St Paul Minnesota.

Am I Registered to vote in St Paul MN?

What is my precinct? and Where do I vote in my precinct?

How to Register to Vote Online?

Absentee Ballots

Do you know that you can vote by an absentee ballot without an excuse?  You can also check on the status of your absentee ballot to see if it has been mailed or if you have to reapply for an absentee ballot.  Here are those links

What is the Status of Your Absentee Ballot?

How to Request an Absentee Ballot Online?

Who are the Candidates?

It is important in non-partisan elections to know who the candidates are in order to vote for them.  In non-partisan elections, the party affiliation, if any, will not be next to the candidate.

Here are some links to find out more about who the candidates are, what position they are running for and how to contact them.

Who are the Candidates running for office in my area?

The next link will show all the candidates who filed for office in Ramsey County.  St Paul Public School Board Candidates are under the heading of ISD 625. ISD or Independent School District 625 Candidates will be elected by all voters in the ISD 625 area which includes St Paul.  There is contact information for all of the candidates.  The Voluntary Information Form is the photocopy of the information that a candidate has filed for office. It has information about websites, phone numbers, email and location addresses not listed elsewhere.

How to Contact Candidates in Ramsey County?

Election Results & Other Election Info

The Minnesota Secretary of State’s website is a good source of information about elections, results, voting information and frequently asked questions (FAQs).  When in doubt just go to the following webpage:

Elections Judges

It is important to have properly administered elections. To do that we need people who want to serve as an election worker or election judge in their area or in another area.  You can serve for part of a day or for the whole day of the election.  You will be trained and you will be paid for you time that you serve.  Your employer must allow you to be absent from work during the time that you are serving as an election judge.  For more information please see the following link:

How to be an Election Worker or Judge?